Our story - Spencer

Our story

It will probably surprise you, but the story of the #Spencer 4701 goes way back.

One group of friends, one street, one neighborhood... Who would have thought that this was going to be the starting point of something huge?

Years of comings and goings, big cities and idyllic places. Getting close and far away. Learning in solitude and getting better together.

It is a story lived by them... Those who grew, those who fought and believed in the possibility of creating their very own opportunities, playing to win.

Those who, by looking back, acknowledge persistence and team spirit as the main winning elements.

The passion and dedication that the Spencer team has developed with great care for detail, can be appreciated from its recipe to its colors.

#Spencer4701 is freshness, spontaneity, smiles and complicity.

It is a clear example of the perfect union of elements: when finding each other, they collapsed into something new, something with huge strength.

If you are here now, you have most likely something to do with this.

Open your #Spencer4701 and enjoy. This is the instant.